It’s now available the Stage1 for the most recent version of the VW Golf R, with the new 310hp engine.

Since the beginning of the tests the car has confirmed the declared value of VW, we measured over 320hp with 95RON fuel and even above 330hp with the 100RON gas.

The car we have tested fits a custom centre pipe but maintain the stock exhaust muffler and the down pipe, so it’s very close in terms of power to the stock car but this little modification could have helped in getting a very impressive result.

We talk about impressive result because after the ECU tune the car has put down 387hp and 492Nm of torque, values that in the previous version required a stage2 upgrade.

On the road the  improved torque figura is immediately noticeable even at “rado” speed, the middle range is extremely strong and makes the car really pleasant even when not pushed.

Exploring the full potential of the car is possible to benefit of 60hp power increase at high rpm.

On this car is suggested the purchase of the optional “BIESSE Flasher” to protect the warranty.