The new Toyota Supra GR has a very important name to carry, as a matter of fact all car enthusiasts still remember the glorious mk4 as one of the cars more suitable for tuning purposes.

After 16 year there’s a new version, actually the result of cooperation between Toyota and BMW, who worked together to get it off the ground. There’s no surprise that platform is the same of the BMW Z4 G29 and the engine is the well known B58.

We worked already on one of the very first Supra GR of Italian market to develop the Stage1 ECU tune. We can confirm that the tuning potential of the old model is still one of  the feature of the new one.

The stock car showed 350hp and 520Nm* on our SuperFlow dyno, numbers even higher than the stock power claimed by Toyota in the technical specs: 340hp and 500Nm.

After our ECU Stage1 upgrade we measured 402hp and 591Nm* notwithstanding the temperature of 30°C during the test. It have to be mentioned that in some dyno runs, after a proper cool down, we saw 410hp and over 600Nm of torque. All test has been done using 100RON fuel.

Here you can check the acceleration test** of the car with ECU Stage1, the measurement has been done using GPS Racelogic tool.

We are working on a calibration optimized for cars with full exhaust system, details on this new release are coming soon…stay tuned!

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* Data acquired in our dyno room

** test conducted on private track with a professional driver 

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