Since the presentation at Geneva Motor Show in 2013 the Mercedes A45 AMG has changed the way we look at the hot hatches, delivering performance of a true sport car.

We have already proposed few solution to all the possessors who wanted to unleash the real potential of the M133 engine carefully assembled in AMG department. Now we are presenting out last tuning solution, called the “Stage2+”.

The Stage2+ is a very advanced tuning solution with the stock torso, so that it can’t be called Stage3.

Il kit Stage2+ include:

  • Downpipe BIESSE Racing with or without  catalytic converter (see pictures in the gallery)
  • Sport air intake system for Mercedes A45 AMG by Forge Motorsport
  • Pop off valve for Mercedes A45 AMG by Forge Motorsport
  • Custom engine calibration on dynamometer 
  • Rev limiter increased to 6800 rpm

The ECU tune takes the performance to the max level the engine can handle, with 426,5hp and 576Nm of torque (on 360hp version). The main feature of the new ECU tune is the rev limiter increased up to 6800 rpm instead of the 6500 rpm of the stock car. This is very helpful for those that are looking to the best acceleration time possible.

The benefit of the Stage2+ can be summarized simply looking at the acceleration time:

As you can see the most impressive value is the 100-200 km/h covered in 10.09″. The 0-100 km/h happens in just 3,99″, that launch has been continued until 180 km/h but unfortunately we couldn’t touch the 200 km/h otherwise we would have seen a 100-200 km/h under 10″. In any case the time displayed are average of lot of tests, and can be easily replicated with a car in the same configuration.

The 381hp would go even faster thanks to the short ratio gearbox, the camshaft designed to deliver more power close to the rev limiter and also the the limited slip differential which helps in the first phase of acceleration

The kit costs 2500,00 € shipment included without catalytic converter.

The kit costs 3000,00 € shipment included with 200 cell metamucil sport catalytic converter by BRAIN.

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