Dyno Rooms

We use two dyno rooms with the most advanced dynamometers available: Rotronics and more recently SuperFlow.

Both dyno rooms are equipped with 4WD chassis dyno with road simulation and data acquisition.

Here’s the technical specification of the new SuperFlow 880E we have installed during 2016:

Max power to test:  over 2,500 hp (1,864 kW)

Max speed on dyno: 200 mp/h

The main feature of the two dyno rooms is the ventilation system with over 100.000 cube meters per second air recirculation, this layout can easily maintain the right temperatures during tests of engines with over 1500hp.

There are very few dyno rooms with this specs in the world.

Dyno Rooms

Two Dyno Rooms with 4WD last generation dynamometers


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Injection System Problem Solving

Avoid expensive components replacement with a software calibration.

Fuel Saving

 We can offer specific calibration to decrease fuel consumption improving the torque curve and power delivery, the result is a better efficiency and a smooth ride

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Fixing Injection System Issues

We can often fix mechanical issues by software modification, for example we can delete DTC codes (DTC stands for Diagnostic Trouble Code) with a proper tune to make the car work properly even if some parts needs to be replaced.

For example the problems that concerns EGR valves (stands for Exhaust Gas Recycling) which can make the car really inefficient and too much polluting  can be solved with a dedicated software upgrade even if the electric motor stop working.


We can provide files that increase the power put put of the vehicle for sport uses. ECU tuning can be a really cheap and effective solution for all people that enjoy motorsport events with their cars.

We don’t assume responsibility of illegal uses of performance software on public roads.