With 265hp and 350Nm of torque the Clubsport is the fastest Golf GTI built by VW.

The secret of this amazing power is the engine, the clubsport as a matter of fact shares the engine with the most powerful “R” version. The turbo is the same IHI IS38 fitted on the other fast hot-hatch of the VAG group (S3, Leon Cupra…).

On the club sport has also been introduced the new Overboost mode, which guarantees 10 seconds of additional 25hp and 30Nm of torque.

The Overboost is activated by pressing the button under the gas pedal. Once you have activated it you have to wait another 10″ to use it again.

With the stock ECU software in first and second gear the boost is limited to 10Nm after 4500 rpm.

We detected 290hp and 375Nm on the stock, which is pretty impressive for a FWD.

The car you see in the pictures fits a full sport exhaust by Milltek, with HJS 200 cell metallic catalytic converter and the VW Racing R600 intake kit.

The stage2 has been developed to maximize the benefit of the special parts fitted, the results are even over the expectations: 376hp and 469Nm of torque, obtained with 100RON fuel and Overboost activated.

The stage1 is also available for stock cars and permit to improve at 330hp the power and 445Nm the torque.

The tune can be customized according to the requests of the costumer, the options are:

  • Overboost increase values: you can decide the power boost in every gear and also the rev level to activate it. For example you can decide to deactivate it in first and second gear to improve traction (especially with stage2 calibration) and to receive 35Nm in the longer gears.
  • Overboost duration: we can make the overboost always available without waiting the 10″ from the first activation
  • Speed limiter OFF
  • Catalytic converter error light OFF (with sport exhaust)
  • Launch control rev setting (with DSG)
  • Launch control boost setting (with DSG)

On the Clubsport is recommended the purchase of the BIESSE Flasher, the device to reset the stock ECU and save you warranty. You can set the car back to original file when you go to your official dealer for the Service and restore the tuning file when you receive your car back.  The device can also manage more than 3 ECU tunes with different calibration to set up under your requests.

To receive the BIESSE Flasher at home contact us on email address info@biesseracing.com or call us at 0039 0173 67100.

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