The ECU Stage1 for the mighty Giulia Quadrifoglio has been finally released, it is  top of the range of Alfa Romeo with its 2.9 liters biturbo engine producing 510hp.

This car has stole the heart of most of the petrolhead all over the world, especially looking at the technical details:

  • V6 engine projected by Ferrari engineer
  • Rear wheel drive
  • Electronic controlled limited slipping differential
  • 6 speed manual transmission or 8 speed sport automatic

The car you see in the pictures is one of the very first produced fitting 6MT transmission. The car has no special parts on it except a rear exhaust muffler to enhance the sound.

On dyno the test car showed all the 510hp and 600Nm of torque claimed by Alfa Romeo, a big satisfaction to see a car like this matching the Factory specs.

The tests has been done in our dyno room with SuperFlow 880E dyno, it is the cutting edge technology in this field to tune the most recent sport cars.

As a matter of fact our test room is one of the very few able to test the Giulia Quadrifoglio without all the issues related to the stability systems. On the majority of the dynamometer the recent generation sport cars (like Ford Focus RS for example) the safety sensors cuts the performance during dyno tests, making software development very slow.

This is not our case, thanks to a custom dyno calibration we can test this cars with no light on the dashboard and without resetting the errors after every dyno test.

The main target of the Stage1 was to set up a calibration to improve performance without affecting the reliability. We also gave lot of attention to the traction, we don’t want a car too powerful which is not able to put down that power on the road.

We achieved the goal with a very linear and progressive torque delivery with the stunning value of 716Nm at middle rpm. The max power is 563hp.

After the Stage1 the Giulia outperforms most of the sport cars on sale, remaining very easy to drive in spite of the increased power.

The stage1 is already available and we offer the ECU shipment service worldwide. You can send the ECU to our workshop to receive it back ready to use. Contact us at for more information.

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